The Most Annoying Types of Damage to Your Car

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Your car is a precious belonging, and there are some things that can happen to it that might make you wish you would have done things a little differently. Drivers who receive damage to their cars can get their vehicle repaired if they have the proper insurance coverage. If you’ve damaged your car, it’s important to look into services that will help you compare insurance rates so that you can pay for these eventualities….

As you get in your car and turn the key, you hear a loud rattle. This is usually an indication that there is something wrong under the hood. The first thing you should do is inspect the car to make sure there is nothing that you have run over or backed into. You have determined there is nothing under the car.  Begin to look under the hood. One of the things that will cause this rattling sound is a broken fan shroud. This usually occurs if you have run over something and punctured the shroud itself. The fan will hit against the covering, making the rattle that has you worried.

Sometimes this might not pose a problem, but others it’s an indication that something has not only damaged the shroud, but has damaged the radiator as well, which can be an extremely expensive repair.

Unless you have a carport or covering, you can get damage on your vehicle by leaving it outside. One of the common things that damage people’s cars is hail. People don’t think about the effects that nature has on a vehicle. Small hail won’t hurt a car as much as quarter size or larger hail would. Hail can leave dents in the roof and hood of the car. If the hail is large enough, it could break the windshield or windows.

The last common car woe is cause by shopping carts. When people go to the grocery store and finish loading their vehicle, they might be too lazy to put their cart back in the appropriate place. If this lazy person has decided to leave their cart beside your car, it could run into your door. This might not sound like a lot of damage, but if the cart hits the side of your car with enough force, it could chip away a good deal of paint. This would mean that you need a paint job on the side of the car that was hit. You might be able to get by with applying a small amount of paint to the scratched area, but it would stand out from the rest of the side.

Besides shelling out the cash for car insurance, you can try to protect yourself from these sorts of car maladies by driving safely and avoiding potholes, parking in your garage or car port, and avoiding other cars in parking lots.

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