How Your GPS Can Save You Money & Improve your Road Safety

How a Sat Nav (GPS) System Can Save You Money & Improve Your Road Safety:

A sat nav (satellite navigation system) is a wonderful little device that goes in your car and uses GSP (Global Positioning System) to track your location in real time on an interactive map. Modern sat nav’s can come with a massive variety of features that can improve your driving experience, increase your safety and can even save you money.

Most people aren’t aware of this but sat nav’s can actively save you money. These days you can pick up a decent sat nav from as little as fifty dollars which means they can easily pay for themselves over their lifetime.

One key way a sat nav can help save money is through their route planning capabilities. Through effective route planning a sat nav can plan your everyday driving to be more efficient and waste less time and gas. A savings of as little as one mile a day can add up to a decent amount of money over the year. Another great way route planning helps save on fuel is, it prevents you from getting lost. Getting lost may not seem that costly but in a lot of cases it can greatly increase the length of your trip. This is even more relevant when driving abroad- in foreign countries it can be very difficult to read signs or know where to drive on a different road system. There have been many amusing cases of people traveling around Europe ending up in the wrong country.

Speeding fines can be a costly surprise expense. It is very easy to be caught accidentally going a bit too fast in areas that you aren’t familiar with. A sat nav can help with speeding fines in two major ways. Firstly most modern sat nav’s have lists of fixed speed cameras and information on areas which are frequently used for mobile speed cameras. The sat nav will then inform you when you are nearing one as well as tell you the speed you should be going, which helps you avoid the unexpected. Secondly some sat nav’s can also monitor your speed and will have data on the speed limits on various roads. Most sat nav’s will have the ability to warn you when you are speeding, meaning it will stop you from getting a ticket.

Sat nav’s can also increase the user’s safety. One way they do this is by stopping you from speeding which statistically is one of the major causes of road accidents in the US. Sat nav’s also allow you to concentrate more on the road while driving, by taking away some of the responsibility of navigating which can be fairly distracting when you’re trying to look at street signs as you drive quickly past.

Some of the more fun features of sat nav’s help to provide a more enjoyable ride rather than increasing safety or money saving potential. Sat nav’s can come with a whole host of features from built in radios to location services, which allow you to find local businesses and places of interest.

In conclusion, sat nav’s are a great investment as they not only make your driving experience more enjoyable and less stressful, they also make it safer, and can save you a small fortune over their lifetime.

Google-PlusThis was a guest post by Sam Fisher on behalf of Teletrac the specialist in vehicle tracking system and fleet management solutions.

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