Applying Life’s Simple Rules While Driving

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Woman with lipstick and cell phone in the carWe are all guilty of making bad driving decisions. But it’s important to reduce the number of incidents when operating a vehicle. One wrong move could change your entire life.

Turn to life’s little lessons to be a safer driver. If safety measures, care and common sense are demonstrated each and every time you drive any type of vehicle, you can oftentimes avoid an accident, whether it be by a street obstruction, another negligent driver, an animal or a freak accident. Keeping your eyes and mind on the road is more powerful than anything when it comes to safety.

Treat People With Kindness

While this concept seems elementary, people constantly need to be reminded. Car confessions at reveals that normal people, just like you and me, sometimes forget to treat others as they’d like to be treated. When on the road, yield to other cars and if they seem to be in a bigger rush than you, let them go on their merry way. You will feel better and less stressed.

Respect Your Elders

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes old people should not be driving. But they are. They are often in no hurry and sometimes drive big, boat-like automobiles that go from 0-60 in what seems like 20 minutes. Do they know where they are going? Often not. Do they care? Nope. Just breathe and remember that they were once young like you and you, too, will one day become old. Give them their right of way. Don’t get yourself up in arms over a slow-poke driver who is out on an afternoon joyride.

Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street

You don’t have to hold hands with your passenger but, please, look both ways before you enter an intersection. Look to see if anyone is crossing the street when you are stopped at a stoplight or sign. Just open your eyes and be aware of what is going on around you. Your safety measures may save someone else’s life.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When tired, our brains don’t function at top capacity. Our reactions might be slower and our vision a little more blurred than when we are awake and on target. Get some sleep.

Be Courteous

See someone going out of turn at a stop sign? Let them go. Someone put their blinker on to get into your lane? Give them space. Share the road. You are not king of the freeway jungle.

Slow Down

Speeding can result in accidents. Slow down

Take a Shower

Keeping your headlights and mirrors clean will help you see better (especially at night). Also, having a clean car gives you confidence.


Don’t get sidetracked. Cell phones have movies and games. Women have makeup and girlfriends to catch up with. Parents have children to tend to. But, it all can wait, focus on the road.

Written by James Henderson:

A DIY guy and car enthusiast, James helps readers understand car problems you can fix and what to leave for the pros.

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