How to Fix Your DAC Report

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old-allied-van-lines-truckIf you are a truck driver, then you know your DAC Report is as important to you as a credit report is to a consumer. For those that don’t know- it is the trucking industry’s standard reporting system to warn prospective employers about a truck driver’s past employment record. Those of us that do know all about it know that there is a lot of abuse by some trucking companies, and just like a credit report, drivers have to be aware of complaints, and fix mistakes.

Just like a credit report, you have the right to give your side of the story, and erase bad information. By law, you have the right to know what is happening on your record. And HireRight, who administers the report is required by law to respond accordingly.

You can get your DAC Report free, as long as you haven’t gotten one in the past year.

If you have a DAC issue and would like to resolve it, start by requesting a copy of your DAC Report here. Then, if you see any discrepancies, go here and fix them.

If there is something on your DAC that you know you did wrong, you may have to wait a while for it to be removed. Depending on the issue, it could take two, three, or up to seven years. In some cases, it stays on your DAC for eternity.

But a lot depends on your side of the story. If you have a problem, you owe it to yourself to at least try to resolve it.

Almost every driver I know, myself included, has at some time in his life either had an issue with DAC, or should have (if you are like me and have been trucking since before DAC!) I could tell stories all day about drivers who couldn’t find a decent job because of a DAC Report problem. Big Brother is watching so you better watch out.

What about fake Dac Reports?

Of course, in this business you have all types, including scammers and back-stabbers that will make up a story about you because they are sore losers, or because you put them in their rightful place. Either way, you may one day have to fix a DAC Report discrepancy. So there you go.

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