Ten Keys to Safe City Driving Video

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Ten Keys to Safe City Driving Video is now free for a limited time- for individuals. If you are a company that hires drivers and you’d like to show this video at your orientation or safety meeting, please read below for the full Ten Keys to Safe City Driving package.

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As you may know, I sell this video to trucking companies, taxi companies, any company who hires drivers, and drivers themselves, especially truck drivers, and city drivers who drive daily in a big city.

I wrote the Ten Keys to Safe City Driving, in 2005. After trucking for over 25-years, and spending most of that time in and out of Chicago, I grew frustrated with the traffic- how they literally cause traffic jams, the way they drive. I just wanted to stop everybody and explain to them- you need space in front of you- it’s basic math. Cars + trucks – space = traffic jam. Add more space and the equation looks a lot better.

I recorded an audio CD of it in 2007, and those sold well for a few years. I got a lot of requests for a video during that time. And released the video in 2009.

If you employ drivers, this is a must-watch video at your next safety meeting. You can watch the embedded video below, or download it and watch it full-size on your Windows Media Player here.

Ten Keys to Safe City Driving

Special Offer for Trucking Companies, Taxi Companies and Anyone who Employs Drivers.

When you buy this video, you don’t just get a video-
You get unlimited Copies! (You burn them yourself on your own computer, or watch them online any time.)

Plus, you get unlimited CD’s for your drivers!
(Again, you burn them yourself from our MP3 files, as many as you need!)

Plus, you get the PDF file of the complete text, so you can print out as many copies as you need!

No matter how large your company is, you pay one low price, then make all the copies you need of everything and send it to all of your locations.

We are offering a special introductory price of only

$99.00! Buy it now and download it immediately!
In Windows Media Player format (WMV).
You will be able to burn DVD’s for your orientations
and CD’s for all of your drivers too, unlimited! (As long as it is only distributed within your company or school.)

IMPORTANT- This purchase is for Windows Media Files (WMV), MP3 Files and a PDF file only. In other words, there will be no package in the mail. You will be able to download them and watch the VIDEO at any time, as often as you want, using any computer with Windows Media, or burn them to DVD’s on your computer, if you have a DVD burner. You will also be able to listen online or burn CD’s with the MP3 files. Plus, you get the PDF file of the entire text, which you can print out and pass along to your drivers so they can follow it and remember it better.

You can pay with any major credit card or with your Paypal account. You get unlimited downloads of Windows Media Videos (WMV), MP3’s and PDF text
files for only $99.00.


If the payment link does not work, just email me and
I will send you a Paypal invoice. (Sometimes cookie settings, firewalls
and anti-virus programs block the payment page.)

There are no other charges, just $99 for unlimited lifetime

If you have any questions, just ask. I’m right here at info@bigcitydriver.com.


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