Defensive Driving: How to Drive in the Big City

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road rage cat drivingIf you’re living in a big city then you may have witnessed the aftermath of several freak accidents on the road involving a car and another type of motor vehicle. These are tragic incidents that everyone tries to avoid. But in reality, accidents are bound to happen because people do get careless sometimes. I had my share of speeding tickets before and just like everyone else – I feel rushed while I’m on the road, and that encouraged me to ignore all the traffic rules. Being impulsive while driving can get you into trouble. Not to mention, that you’re also putting other people’s lives at risk. Well, it took me several traffic violations before I realized the importance of defensive driving.

Most drivers think that motor accidents often happen because of DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs). But that is not always the case. There are times even a simple bad habit, like texting while driving can lead to major accidents. So, it’s all about responsible driving, especially if you’re driving in a big city where you will encounter different types of motor vehicles like trucks, motorcycles and other public transportation vehicles.

Simple Tips to Remember Before You Head Out On the Road

  • Use Your Cell Phone Wisely – Is it possible to multitask while driving? My answer is – definitely “NO.” No matter what other drivers say or claim that they can handle two tasks simultaneously while driving. If you’re driving then your focus should always be on the road. You cannot stay alert when there’s a phone pinned to your ear and your head cocked to your side. So, do not attempt to use your cell phone, even if that call is from your boss or an important message from your client. However, you can use a hands-free headset or you can stop on the side of the road if you really want to answer that particular call.
  • Keep a Cool Head When Driving – Driving in a big city where there are thousands of vehicles on the road. For sure, you will run into traffic one way or another and that can be stressful. In order to avoid road rage, you can listen to some music, or if your wife is around, then you can start a conversation just to ease your mind. I know it is frustrating to get stuck inside a traffic jam, and it could take you hours before you reach your destination, but that’s how it is in a big city – so you better get used to it!
  • Give Yourself Time – If you don’t want to feel rushed while you’re on the road, then you better estimate the amount of time you need to travel from your home to your office, and allow a little more time than that. It would be better if you can go out early, so you won’t be bothered by any traffic. I know most people don’t want to be late on their job, but they still have a problem of waking up early. Always remember, if you feel rushed you are more likely to make hasty decisions and that could lead to speeding – and in worst cases it can even lead to accidents on the road.
  • Drive a Roadworthy Car or Truck – Whether you own a brand new or second hand car, it would be wise to maintain its performance and reliability. That’s why it is essential to establish a maintenance schedule for your car. You can either bring your car to an auto shop or you do the maintenance yourself. The most important thing is to check for any wear and tear on the vital parts of your car (tires, engine, brakes and lights). If you found a defective part have it replaced by your mechanic before using it on the road. Also, if you’re planning to buy a pre-owned car, then you need to thoroughly check the vehicle and determine if it’s really in good running condition. You may also want to choose a credible used car dealer that can provide you with a wide selection of high quality vehicles. Usually, you can find a reputable auto dealer on the Internet, so all you need to do is to visit their site here.

    In 2012, there were at least 2,222 cases of motor accidents in the UK. Some are even freak accidents due to negligence and drunk driving. So, remember the golden rule when driving in a big city – always drive defensively. Regardless of what vehicle you’re driving, you should always be considerate on the road. I know there are many hotheaded drivers on the street, but if you stay cool and take your time – you’ll definitely reach your destination safely. No one is invincible even if you’re driving a truck, so safety must be your primary priority.

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