Truck Drivers Offer Tips at Operation Safe Driver

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advice from a truck driverOperation Safe Driver is a program designed to reduce highway accidents across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It focuses on both passenger and commercial drivers, and it puts a lot of attention on young drivers between the ages of 15 and 20, as motor vehicle accidents remain the leading cause of death each year among that age group.

If you hope to pass on the wisdom of the road and safety tips to young people (or anyone who is driving, really), there is no better group to call on than truck drivers. In Mid-October, Operation Safe Driver asked a group of million-mile accident-free truck drivers to help get the message across that the roads really can be safer than they are now, but that it takes commitment, education, and a change in approach to driving for many people.

The message that many of these veteran truck drivers shared at the Operation Safe Driver conference in Virginia was a message not only for passenger drivers young and old, but also for their fellow commercial truck drivers.

Overall, the safety approaches boiled down to reducing aggressive driving and trying to understand that we all have to share the road out there. Truck drivers and passenger-car drivers have to be aware of each other and have to pay attention to what is going on.

Truckers also passed along information that some car drivers simply don’t know. They focused on the fact that many large trucks have significant blind spots, and they also reminded drivers that large trucks take longer to come to a stop than the average car, so it’s crucial not to cut trucks off on the road.

Along with safety tips specific to trucking, they also shared some tips that can go a long way in helping passenger and commercial drivers stay safer on the road. These are things like staying off cell phones, never texting, slowing down, and buckling up (from the Sacramento Bee).

Operation Safe Driver Events
Operation Safe Driver isn’t just about one conference. The organization has a number of programs set up throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico throughout the year. This program is a great opportunity for truckers to help pass on the knowledge and expertise they have acquired after logging hours and hours on the road.

Activities also provide passenger drivers—especially young drivers—the chance to learn a little more about sharing the road with commercial trucks. The hope is that understanding and awareness can go a long way in helping everyone understand that it’s not a contest out there to see who can be the most aggressive driver. We all share the roads, and we can all help keep the roads safer.

Written By Andrew Miller
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