Spring Clean Your Truck: A Fresh Start and a Happy Boss

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clean truckWe’re now well into 2013 and winter is just releasing us from its icy grip. Winter is hard for most people and often tasks such as cleaning out the truck that are a real hassle will have been put off over the cold months. However a messy truck can lead to unsanitary work conditions as well as the unpleasantness of the lingering odors making the long drives that much harder.

If you are a private trucker you’ll have the advantages of only having your own discomfort to answer to but if like many you drive as part of a fleet having a messy truck can be an embarrassment when the boss does his rounds or the awkward situations where you need to swap cabs unexpectedly. Because of this having you truck not only clean on the outside but spotless and fresh inside can score you serious kudos points with managers, which is never a bad thing in this economic climate.

Crumbs and other food debris

One of the most common and potentially the most dangerous type of mess in a truck is food waste. Easting on the go such as having snacks or even sitting down to eat whole meals in your truck will lead to the inevitable crumbs and small food spillages. Food waste is particularly a problem as when left it will often start to decompose feeding bacteria which often will start to smell and could potentially lead health issues such as salmonella.

Solution: try and east meals over something that can be easily cleaned as to not get food in your driving seat or where you sleep. When cleaning it is important make sure to remove all the food particles, the best way to do this would be using a small handheld cordless vacuum to properly get into all the cracks and hidden places of the truck.

Common fabric stains

Often a truck is a not only a vehicle but a dining room, kitchen and bedroom all rolled into one , because of this stains on the seat fabrics, mats and sleeping area are common. These aren’t really a major problem but can make the truck look untidy and so here are some clever tips to get rid of many of the common statins.

Colas, food dye, ice cream, gravy, milk, mud, ink

carpet stains

Description: Description: Type1 Stains

Mix 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar with a liter of water and rub the affected area gently.

Blood, chocolate, coffee, mustard, tea, vomit

stained carpet

Description: Description: Type2 Stains

Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1 cup of water and rub the stain gently with a cloth.

Cigarette Burns

Remove by rubbing a blunt knife on the fibre. This works best with a bread knife.

Chewing Gun

The best way to remove gum is using ice to freeze the gum before breaking it up with a blunt object.

Google-PlusThis was a guest post by Sam Fisher on behalf of the Hirestaion. For more useful stain removal tips see the Hirestaion ‘How 2’ page

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